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Timeless Classic

Timeless Classic

This is a standout pen and material, this particular pen is now in the possession of an overseas prime minister. Find out more about this pen, click here.

Great Gift Ideas

Timeless Classic

Our collection of quality, hand crafted pens make for a wonderful gift. Give a unique corporate gift, anniversary gift, or memorable birthday gift.

River Red Gum.

Timeless Classic

Crafted from a quality material by expert hands, this pen is sure to please and impress. As with all of our pens, the Grandioso River Red Gum Rhodium Fountain Pen is a one of a kind, unique piece. Find out more about this pen by clicking here.

Wooden Ink

Wooden Ink (R) has become synonymous with excellence in pens; quality craftsmanship coupled with a variety of exotic wood materials sourced from around the globe. Our pens are infused with a genuine talent in penmanship; when you want a limited edition pen that exudes excellence; look no further than Wooden Ink.

Wooden Ink takes great care in personalised pens, by the very nature of the ingredients, no two pens can be exactly the same, each pen is unique, a “one off”, each pen has the makers hand crafted into it. Wooden Ink pens are precious, and deservedly make for the finest of gifts that will endure for a lifetime and be treasured as a family heirloom.