About Us

From Rodi, in the hills of Sicily, weaving baskets and making crafted items, industrious and  dextrous  generational craftsmen finally migrated to Australia, bringing their son with them, in turn, a generational craftsman continued the unique skills and traits required for excellence in craftsmanship; in this new homeland of Australia; Wooden Ink®™ continued to develop and perfect skills which were then employed in penmanship of the highest quality; Excellence  and Wooden Ink® are one and the same.

The pure magic of wood has engrossed the maker, wonders never cease to amaze in each piece of timber, what is thought to be a plain piece of wood, suddenly transforms into a pen with amazing chatoyancy.

The Australian timbers are sought after worldwide, and what we burn on the fire is considered sacrilege in other parts of the world, the Mallee Root and the Red Gum produce some of the finest writing instruments, and are so entrenched in Australian Culture.

Who doesn’t know about the “Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree”? or the  “Jolly Swagman camped by a Billabong under the shade of a Coolibah tree”? or “the Man from IronBark”? or the man from Snowy River letting the pony have his head, and racing him down the mountain like torrent down its bed, and the ground hidden by wild Hop Scrub?  Amazing and wonderful scenes are conjured in the mind, and Wooden Ink captures that imagination and embodies it into the soul of each pen.

When a gift is given, often there is much thought put into what to get the recipient, a piece of timber from an old chair or building or boat or pier or walkway , the possibilities are endless, they can be turned into memorial treasures; even the memory of loved ones, or significant events can be captured and remembered reverently in time.

Wooden Ink has captured the tragedy of the Black Saturday fires in a pen!  The loss of a precious daughter  in a pen, the passing of the family German Shepherd in a pen.

Gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions, all said and done in pens!   For a lasting, precious gift, a pen will write it on the table of the heart that receives it, Fortunato has strived and succeeded in creating that pen.