Polymer Pen Gifts

Polymer Clay Pens , these are not plastic! do a search on Polymer Clay, you start with Clay, a bit like play dough, it is formed approximately to the shape you desire, that forms a base to work on, then EACH individual leaf, petal, flower, insect etc, is cut off a “cane” and placed onto the base. When completed it is then baked in an oven to harden, finally, the pen is turned and finished by Wooden Ink(R).

These pens would make wonderful Birthday or Christmas or a gift for any occasion.

Wooden Ink(R) works in conjunction with world renown artist Toni Ransfield in presenting these pens, the majority of designs are her specialty, the turning and finishing is by

Wooden Ink(R).

For more pictures of pens, double click “Gallery” or “Corporate Pens” , if you would like to order or ask a question, please email sales@woodenink.comĀ  or phone 0414 522 919