Unusual Pens

Many of these pens are hand wrought via intarsia work, the pictures are hand cut with a scroll saw and the inlay also from different material is hand crafted and inserted, some of the supporting colours are specially cast to match the theme, for example the Christmas Star is manually cut into the blank and hand filled, the main penĀ  body is then cast to match. Enjoy the variety, any orders or questions please email sales@woodenink.comĀ  or phone 0414 522 919 .

Included in this gallery is a Wedding Pen Set, Wooden Ink(R) can hand craft wedding pens to your liking, herein you will find unusual pens that will stand out as a special gift, whether Birthday, Christmas, Graduation, or any event that is of importance to you and the recipient, they will receive a pen of excellence made by Wooden Ink(R).