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Product Description

Absolutely stunning, we cannot get another exactly like this due to the nature of the wood, each Conkerberry is uniquely different. This pen takes the breath away, one of Wooden Ink’s favourites, fit for a King or Head of State, no hesitation in placing this superb gift idea on any corporate or head of government list. One of our finest pens.

Conkerberry grows in the north west of Queensland, and in the Northern Territory , it is a protected tree. Not easy to get or handle,  because of holes up the central stems and the shortness of workable branches. The orange colour of Conkerberry makes it very attractive, it also has a creamy sapwood to add spice to the appearance.  Australian Aboriginals have used its small edible purple/blue berry for food and medicineb. The bright orange heartwood is very fine bone-like in texture.

Because it is very fine and dense, it does not accept polymer filling or other stabilizing agents. Conkerberries are edible, but only when fully ripe; they have a sweet flavour, but the milky sap of this plant – and its unripe fruit – is poisonous.

Captivated here in typical excellence of style and finish by Wooden Ink, these pens make for wonderful birthday gift ideas ansd suitable both for birthday gifts for men or birthday gifts for ladies, these impeccable presents will be treasured for ever and last many life times, makeing for great family heirlooms, “my grandfather used this pen” would be a suitable testimony for these handcrafted pens.
Each pen is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.